Would you drive a car without understanding the gauges? This is precisely what we do with our bodies on a daily basis.  Without knowing what our bodies balances and imbalances are, we can’t gauge our bodies specific needs.

  • Flow System utilizes… to find imbalances in our bodies….
  • Flow System integrates with OurCoalition.org, the Coalition allows users the ability to take dry and or live blood samples and upload them into your personal educational wellness records.
  • Flow system was developed by bio-medics, to act as the worlds first nutritional quantifier to give users the ability to achieve balance in these 5 categories:
    1. Electrolyte deficient/excess
    2. Catabolic/anabolic
    3. Tricarb oxidizer/ beta oxidizer
    4. Sympathetic/parasympathetic
    5. pH acidic/alkaline

More about the Coalition:

The Coalition for Health Education is not owned by any individual, but rather, governed by its contributing members. The Coalition is a private organization founded by some of the most well respected practitioners, researchers and educators in the world of natural health. With a focus on uncovering the truth about how the body really works and how nutrition can change the way our body is functioning, our members work together to share the latest information they have discovered through research and hands-on experience.

The Coalition consists of members spanning the world. With this type of worldwide collaboration, we can share methods that are working in the natural health industry, not just in our own backyard, but also on a global level.

Our Coalition.org is an online personal database that helps connect doctors and clients outside of the traditional doctors office. By providing this outside source of contact, the Coalition is bridging the communication gap between doctors and clients that occurs outside the confines of the doctor’s office. This interactive website is specific to each individual client and can only be accessed by their doctors. By providing this bridge, doctors and clients can continue discussions about visits, treatments, and future appointments. This is an important tool in creating meaningful doctor client relationships to save time and money while being well physically and mentally.